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If we fight against something we help it persist. Instead, build what it is that you want. A better life, a better job, a better body, a better diet, a better world. You must build what you want, it is not going to magically happen. 06-10-14 couch - stop wishing start doing

As a Certified Life Coach, it’s my purpose to help you answer the question of what is keeping you stuck where you are and together, we make a plan for you to move forward towards the success you seek. Make yourself a priority, I know that it is certainly much easier to make excuses, to find reasons not to do something, but success does not come with excuses. Success doesn’t happen just by wishing it would, you MUST do the work. Success does not happen by putting yourself into the hands of your Spiritual Guide, you still have to do the work. Think of it this way….your Spiritual Guide can put people in your life and move you to places where you need to be, which will help you along your journey. However, it is still up to you to take the opportunities that are presented and make them work for you. It is up to you to take charge of your own success.

Nothing is going to happen by simply wishing for it, or praying for it. Let’s get busy! We have a lot of building to do! Please reach out to me NOW, why wait? It’s June 10th and the year is half over.

I just know that you don’t want to end the year having the same wish as you did the beginning of the year, right? How many times have you made this same New Year Resolution? Let’s make this year the last time, and put you on a path towards success.

Stop finding the excuses that are easy and instead, find the solutions by doing the hard work. I promise you that when you reach your goal, you will see that all of the hard work was worth the effort.

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Here’s to your success,