Mission & Vision

Someone asked me what my Mission Statement was and I had to admit that I never actually ever wrote it down. Yes, I spoke about it a lot, I tell anyone who asks, but writing it down, putting it into words was something I had yet to do.

Well, I thought, how can I expect everyone to know my Mission and Vision, if I don’t put it in writing? By telling it, I only let a handful of people know, but by writing it, for all of the world to see, I will reach so many others! Why didn’t I think of that before? Because I was too busy focusing on the small things and not the bigger picture.


My Mission and Vision

My mission is to make a difference in the world, in particular to the lives of women and children. By empowering them to find the strengths that they hold within themselves to create change in their own lives and as a result create the life that they want to live.

There are many, who think the ways that I used to think, and who don’t believe that they have the strength inside themselves to change their lives. I am a living example that the strength they seek truly is there and once you find it, you ignite a fire, which begins to glow within you and the more it is nurtured, it grows and burns brightly.

My vision is to help people see that negativity, whether that be negative self talk, negative people in our lives, holding onto the negative things that have happened in the past and those which happen every day only serve to keep us in that dark and negative place. By becoming aware of the negative we can eliminate it from their lives.

When we focus on the positive, think positive thoughts and do positive actions, bring positive people into our world it results in a thought shift, allowing us to live a life filled with brightness, happy things and thus creating our ideal world as well as passing it onto others and to those we meet along the way.

~Robbyn Ackner

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