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Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and read through it. I hope you find some motivation and inspiration within the pages here.

How’s this for some inspiration?

Wouldn’t it make you feel better to know that the person speaking to you has walked in your shoes?  Read my story, watch this quick video, then email me! I’m waiting to hear from you!! (I know the sign at the end of the video is backwards, it’s my message that counts!) Use the contact button and please send me an email and tell me what your thoughts are. I’d love to hear what your story is and it would be my honor to help you get past the blockades, the challenges, the negativity that might be holding you back and help you to find your power to move forward and create your dream.

Unless someone has been through what you’re experiencing, can they REALLY understand you? Throughout my life, I’ve had so many “experts” tell me what I should or should not be doing to lose weight, to get fit and healthy, to get out of bad relationships, blah, blah, blah. Well, the thing is that while they might have some knowledge, or book smarts about my situation, they’ve never experienced it and if you’ve never lived in a morbidly obese body, then you’ve no idea what it is like. If you’ve never lived through a relationship where someone is physically, verbally, emotionally or mentally abusive then you don’t know what it’s like. I appreciate that people can be sympathateic and have empathy, but if you don’t have the real life experience, then you don’t know what it is like.

I’ve lived those experiences, I’ve walked in most shoes. I’ve walked in sneakers, flats, heels, sandals and stilettos, and more than likely walked in your shoes! Well, not your shoes literally, but your shoes figuratively. You get the point, right?

If you’re struggling with things going on in your life, there’s a chance that I have experienced some form of the same. Keep reading and you will learn how I overcame those challenges and stopped wishing for a different life, and started putting things in motion to change my life to one that I had always wished for.

I can help you with your challenges too! Why? Because I’ve been in your shoes! click the “contact” button on the left of this page for information

One of the greatest challenges was beating the weight loss battle. My seemingly never ending war with my weight, from childhood on into adult life, an achievement that I never imagined I would not only win, but win in the big way that I have.

I am that girl who used to weigh over 400 lbs and with a waist size of 67″ and hips of 76″, wore a size 34/36 and have now lost over 250 lbs and my jeans are a size 4. I am the girl who grew up  feeling alone, lonely and with the certainty I was destined for unhappiness. I thought I wasn’t worth or deserving of being loved, and made choices in my life that stemmed from my insecurities and a lack of self confidence and self-esteem. I was in several abusive relationships where I thought she would die. And, I never believed I was a strong person because I spent so long being beaten down mentally, emotionally and physically.

Today, I am no longer that depressed, abused, scared girl, but a strong, confident and inspiring Woman who is happier than ever and grows happier every day, I have beat my battle with weight loss, and am no longer the depressed person who thought I was destined for unhappiness, I escaped the abusive relationship and I changed her life.

It all started with doing one thing differently. Just one little thing and suddenly, without even realizing it, it all came together so easily. One thing! Who would have ever thought just one thing could make such a difference.

If you’d like to know what that one thing is, get in touch with me. I’m talking about myself here, but am also talking about many, many people who are living with the same struggles every single day. I am Robbyn Ackner and I can help you see that you can walk in whatever shoes you are wearing and you can keep on walking right through and past your struggles.

If you are struggling with your weight and feel like it is something you can’t overcome, get in touch with me, because I have won my war with weight and I’ll help you see that you can win yours.

If you think you might be in an abusive relationship and feel like you’re stuck there and have no place else to turn, or if you have challenges which feel so great to you, leaving you with the thought that you will never overcome them, get in touch with me.

I have has been in your shoes, and know that desperation, lived with the despair and I have attempted suicide, because I felt it was the only way to stop the pain inside. I understand, I feel your pain, I know what you are going through because I have walked in your shoes.

I’m available for speaking engagements, both large and small. I speak from personal experience and the passion which I have for beating the weight loss battle, escaping abusive relationships, overcoming the abuse of a step-parent, aging out of the foster care system and not knowing where to turn next, attempted suicide, surviving rape and finally realizing the one thing that I needed to do to change my life. Find me on FACEBOOK or TWITTER and become a fan today.

Please use the contact button to the left of your screen to send me an email.

Yes, YOU can overcome whatever your challenges are! I’ll tell you how I did and if I can help inspire you in any way, then all of those challenges that were put in my path will be worth it. If I can help one person see that they can change their life, if I can help one person know that suicide is not the answer, if I can help one woman escape an abusive relationship, then it will all be worth it.

I know that if I had someone who had been through what I was going through, if I had someone who had been in my shoes and had overcome, then maybe I would have changed my life sooner.

Let me be that person for you or for your organization. Many people can sympathize with someone who is struggling, however there is a big difference between having empathy for what people are going through and having the same experiences and knowing how it feels to be in that situation. Drop me an email today by using the contact button on the left of the screen. I’m waiting to hear from you!!

16 thoughts on “Thank you”

  1. Roz Collins said:

    Hi there,
    I feel a part of your history.
    I met you coming into Jenny Craig for your “final weigh-in” ….
    You had reached your goal and what an inspirational lady you are.

    I can’t imagine I will ever say “final” or feel I have reached my goal.
    Watching one’s weight, fighting fattening food temptations, eating only half of my meal in restaurants, resisting that chocolate … this has to be my life forever … but I am not finding it easy.
    I think you must know the secret that makes it easier.
    If it is the “one thing” you chose to do differently, I’d love to know what it is.

  2. Hello! My husband stumbled upon your site as we share the same last name. Just want to drop a quick note to say how inspiring your success story is! Of course, the curiosity of the “one thing” has me intrigued as well. Wishing you continued success and happiness.

    Debora Ackner

  3. randolph said:

    congratulation in achieving this milestone, and being the inspiration that you are to other.thank you so much.

  4. i truly admire the work you are doing. i follow your articles and love what you have to say. you’ve already made a difference.

  5. Na'kira said:


    thank you for the inspire the other day. You come so far and to give back is a beautiful thing. Thank you so much feel free to email me any time.

  6. Renee Scarola said:

    Robbyn, I am so glad I clicked on your link and read your story! You are truly an inspiration…and you are just as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside:)! Best of luck for an outstanding 2012!

  7. Congratulation, you are truly and inspiration to many people who is struggling with obesity. I am currently on a 90 days health challenge on a mission to fight obesity in America. I am with the company Visalus Science this company has helped millions of people lose weight, get fit. I left my web site for you to take a look at and if you want to come aboard just call me or sign up from my web site. You are one of many in this country that won this battle, but there are many others out there that are still struggling with obese, even adolescences, and children. The question I ask is how can we help them? What can you share with them to help them make the changes in their life and take the steps to fight their addiction because this is a food addiction.

    I am very proud of you this took a lot of guts, determination and a strong conviction to take action to change.

  8. Jane Pike said:

    thank you for being so transparent. You are a joy to know.

    • Thank you Jane, for the longest time I was afraid to tell my story, for fear of being judged and thinking others might see it as bragging. I finally listened to all of the people in my life who kept telling me that my story needed to be told. For years, so many said “You need to be on Oprah” well, she is no longer on television, but I won’t let that stop me and I am here now to share my experiences and hope that people will hear my message.

  9. Beth Stevens said:

    Robbyn, you are an inspiration.

  10. Pray tell me

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