My Favorite Things


These are products that I use. I am in no way affiliated with any of these companies, nor am I giving them my endorsement. If it is a nutritional product or supplement, please make sure that you check with your own medical professional to get their stamp of approval for you to use it. Remember what I always say, what works for one person, might not work for others, you need to find what works for you. As a Certified Life Coach, Personal Development Coach, Fitness Instructor and Nutritional Consultant, I can help you do that. With all that being said, these are the products that I use and have found that they work for me.

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Always by my side:


What’s in my suitcase right now. Sometimes we have to be ready to travel on the go, at a moments notice, so I already have the necessary toiletries in my suitcase, along with a spare travel bathrobe, and some other things that we might not normally think about.

Sometimes there are not enough plugs, hence, the Power charger. Bonus with this charger, 2 usb ports for your tablet, phone, cameras, etc. Hotel Rooms and Ship Cabins can get stuffy, even with the air turned down low, so I pack a travel fan.


Fitness Gear








If you’re like me and hate your hair in your face while working out, but also don’t like the damage and breakage a ponytail causes, you have to check out these headbands:
one up bands copy

Click here to view the entire list of FITNESS TRACKERS:



Tea with a purpose! I drink this to help with my sleep and for Digestive health which is vitally important, I drink this to help keep myself regular  

Protein is important for musclstrength       For your Weight Loss Tool Kit     Sore Muscles:     Reduce Anxeity/Nervousness:     Arnica Massage Oil For Sore Muscles

Alkazone PH Drops:

Biotin for Healthy Hair, Skin & Nails:


Minoxidil For Hair Growth:     Viviscal Extra Strength Hair Supplement:


Colloidal Silver Drops:


Borage Oil supports cellular and metabolic health:     Organic Chia:


Garden Of Life Perfect Food:

Post Workout Recovery:     Meratrim Gold Supplement:     Re-Body Meratrim:  

Perfume, Cosmetics and Jewelry

Todd Oldham Perfume:     Too Faced Lip Injection Gloss:



Electronics and Cases

Neoprene Laptop Notebook Ultrabook Sleeve Zipper Case:


Otterbox 6 Case:      

Brew n Fill – Universal Keurig Reusable Coffee Filter – Eco Friendly and Refillable – Set of 3 Stainless Steel Pods



Misc Products

Audrey Hepburn Sprial Notebook:      Audrey Hepburn Journal:

Kuerig Refillable K-Cups


October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Each year, we do an annual underwear drive for the women and children who have sought safety at our local Domestic Violence Shelter. You can help by donating NEW WITH TAGS (or in a sealed package) underwear. Read more by clicking here—> Underwear Drive?

Girls Underwear

Womens Underwear

Mens Underwear

Boys Underwear


DISCLAIMER: In sharing “My favorite things” I am in no way implying that I represent or endorsing these companies/products or authors in any way. Nor am I giving medical or nutritional advice. I am simply telling you the things the I like to use and/or read. You should always do your own research and check with your own medical professional if you’re going to start using any product or if you’re going to start any weight loss or healthy living change.