Weight Loss Packages

Weight Loss Packages

A 4 week group teleseminar package (teleclass only)
• 4-session weekly interactive web-based seminar
• Be inspired to change your life, by knowing what is possible
• Learn the power of positive thinking
• Stop the negative self talk
• Learn to apply these methods to all areas of your life
• The hour long call will consist of a 30-40 minute talk, followed by a 15-20 minute question/answer period.

A 6 week kick-off package
Kicking you off to a great start, if you feel that you just need a kickstart and then can take things on your own. This includes:
• A visit to your home to clean out everything in your refrigerator and pantry that shouldn’t be on a healthy eating program. We’ll donate what can be donated to a food bank or charity of your choice. (Don’t worry, if you’re not local to me, we can do this through Skype or Facetime).
• Create a weekly list for of foods for you and plan a shopping list
• We’ll have an initial discussion of your expectations and create some goals which are realistic.
• We’ll evaluate your physical limits and create a workout plan which increases in regular increments
• We’ll have a regularly scheduled end of day 15 minute phone call to check-in, discuss any issues that may have come up and make adjustments where necessary
• I’ll be available to you via text or email and will respond within two hours

A 12 week package
Includes everything that the 6 week package includes, plus:
• After creating the grocery shopping list, I’ll accompany you to the store (locally only)
• We will work out together, 2 times a week/45 minutes each and you’ll have workout time on your own as well
• We’ll have 2 – 15 minute phone calls each day. One to kick your day off and the other to evaluate your day, discuss any issues and make necessary adjustments

A 3 month package
Includes everything in the 6 and 12 week packages, plus:
• Create and define your dreams
• Create a plan to put a stop to the myths, fears and excuses which are holding you back
• Stop the “I shoulda, I woulda, I coulda” cycle.
• Tools to keep you focused, moving forward and staying on track

More intensive workshops/packages available, including 24/7 get away trips where we can focus one on one, just you and I for anywhere for 4 days to a week. Contact me for details

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