I’ve recently had a conversation with someone who had been out celebrating a special occasion and ended up being upset that they couldn’t have cake at the end of their evening. There’s nothing wrong with a occasional splurge! If you’ve worked hard for it, you have earned it. When you lose weight, especially when you’ve lost a lot of weight like me, your body is very different from before and it’s not used to what you ate before you began this lifestyle change.

So, instead of going back to what you used to eat when you were living an unhealthy, processed food filled lifestyle, change how you reward yourself as now.

I do have her permission to post this. The conversation went like this**

**I traded in half my regular food for salad, Coke Zero for water, and added a long walk every day, and now all of this have become habits. Habits which I have enjoyed making thanks to your guidance and have definitely reaped the rewards.

BUT Friggin’ habits!

Cherry CheesecakeI’ve lost weight, I don’t have bouts of depression anymore, and I have sooooo much more energy. But would it kill to be able to enjoy some f**king cake?

Me and the hubby were celebrating, and we’re steakhouse folks instead of fancy dining. I had ribs and fries! OMG it was a religious experience. And we shared a dessert afterward.

Now…I’m looking at the clock…it’s seven hours later, I’m still so full I feel sick to my stomach and think I might blow.

Months ago, I would’ve gone for seconds!

Changing my unhealthy eating habits has been great and I’ve loved seening the rewards of doing so, BUT I was really looking forward to that cake!!**

My Answer:

Do you have to eat a full meal AND cake? Can you enjoy the evening and your new healthy way of living and savor a few bites of this and that? Absolutely!

I sure do and I suggest the following rules:

#1 – Whatever you are going to splurge on, make sure it is so VERY absolutely worth the splurge, meaning that it must taste fantastically delicious! If it doesn’t, then is it worth any minor, albeit temporary setbacks?

#2 – Savor it. Don’t chug, don’t shovel it in, don’t let it go past your tongue without savoring every morsel. Taste it, really taste it, focus on the flavor and every tastebud that it lights up. This is what your tastebuds are for!

#3 – The first bite is the best one. Every consecutive bite tastes just the same, perhaps not even so. To enjoy each bite, just a little more, drink some water in between. Yes, I know it sounds crazy, why wash away all that deliciousness? Well, because each time you do and then you take another bite, it’s like the first bite. That doesn’t mean you eat a giant piece of cake though, the water also helps to fill you up. Be happy savoring 3 or 4 max bites.

#4 – Slow down. Listen to your body. Don’t stuff yourself. As you’ve learned, you can’t eat the way you used to, without feeling miserable and really is it worth it? Or can you enjoy the night, just as much, without as much food?

So yes, have your cake and eat it too!

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