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Some people say that we have no control, no choice over the things that happen to us. Good or bad, happy or sad. I used to think that way too and spent a lot of my time asking “Why?!” Why did this happen, why did that person treat me like that, why, why, WHY! It’s your choice!

For a long time I always looked for the answer elsewhere. What I discovered is that the answer was inside of me. I set the standards. If I do not like the way someone is treating me, I make a choice to either remain silent, hence the term “suffer in silence” … complain to others, which only suffices in pushing people away, and you get labeled as a complainer … retreat and run away (who else can relate to that?) or stand up for yourself (something I NEVER did when I was younger).

Does any of this resonate with you? So here’s the thing, we D2016-02-01 It's your choice!O have control over what happens and it all starts with us. It’s your choice!

Even as a child, although no one would expect you to know any different, especially if you were like me and were not taught differently. So I grew up, feeling like I was destined for failure, because it was all I had ever known and no one ever told me that I could make different choices, which would result in different outcomes. It’s your choice!


What about you? Are you tired and tired of having the same old results? Does any of this resonate with you? How many times have you started the New Year off with a bang, with goals and dreams and you ended the year pretty close to where you started? Or, even egads, even worse than when the year started?! It’s your choice!

If you are tired of this yo-yo of life, going around and around in a circle, then maybe it’s time to do somet6hing different. Ya think? Reach out to me for a free 30 minute consultation and let’s talk about how you can change your life, simply by changing your thought process. Can it be done? ABSOLUTELY! It’s your choice! https://calendly.com/robbynackner/30min

Here’s the thing that I learned and which helped propel me to achieve the one thing that I wanted more than anything else and that was to lose the weight that had kept me prisoner all of my life. The magic, that magic “thing” that would finally work, the magic that I searched for everywhere, well it was in the one place that I had never, ever looked. Schedule your free consultation with me now. You do not have to be local to me, I do Skype, Facetime, phone calls. Whatever we need to do in order for it to work, we can find a way to do it! https://calendly.com/robbynackner/30min

I can’t want to speak with you!