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This year I am finally going to get healthy!

I’ve heard that so many times from people and have seen so many who think that if they lose a few pounds, or they exercise a bit, then they will be healthy, but it doesn’t work that way. It’s not a goal with an end result, it’s a shift, a change, a way of living and a mindset. You never stop living healthy. Sure, if you’re trying to lose weight, there comes a time when you stop “dieting” (I hate that word by the way) and you start maintaining, but what you are really doing, what you must do in order to continue to have long term success is change your lifestyle. Because if you don’t change your lifestlye, then the chances of you keeping that weight off are slim. I don’t like that thought, but it is Good Health Is the sad truth.

Now, you don’t want to be on a diet the rest of your life either, you want to be able to get out, enjoy a splurge here and there and live life…let me repeat that…when you change your lifestyle you get to ENJOY A SPLURGE AND LIVE LIFE. Or would you rather diet, lose weight, go back to exactly the way you ate before you lost the weight only to gain it all back again and have to get back into that diet mode all over again? Or would you rather lose the weight and keep it off forever?

That is where I come in. I teach you how you can do just that. KEEP THE WEIGHT OFF FOREVER. Be healthy, live life, enjoy the splurge…really enjoy the splurge. Life is all about living, isn’t it? It’s not about existing, it’s not running around and around, spinning your wheels, not getting anywhere…or if you do get somewhere, you take 2 steps forward and 1 step back. In the case of weight loss, sometimes you take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, because when you gain the weight back, more often then not, you gain even more than you lost! Now who wants to live like that?! I surely don’t and I don’t believe that you do either.

So here’s the deal. I know where you’re coming from. For years…decades, I was you. I’d diet and diet and lose some weight, then something would come along and derail me and I’d lose my focus on my goals and the weight would come back on AND THEN SOME. There is ALWAYS that “and then some.” As a child, I grew up as the fat baby, chubby child, into the obese teen and the morbidly obese adult, where I lived for FAR TOO LONG! I wasn’t living, I was existing. And, I wasn’t existing in a good way either, I felt like a failure, a loser, worthless and more. In 2001, I found myself in an extremely abusive relationship, I had gained back the 100 pounds I lost before meeting Mr. Rage-Aholic (and then some) and I was severely depressed, plunging back into the black tunnel of my life. In 2004, after trying every way I knew how to fix this man, I realized that I was never going to fix someone who didn’t think they were broken and who blamed everyone else for his behavior. I also realized that if I didn’t leave he was going to seriously hurt me, or even kill me. He wasn’t ever going to leave, so I needed to make that move. Once I made that decision and with the help of a friend who I finally told the truth to about what had been going on, I got out. For a long time, I never told anyone what Michael had been doing to me. I was ashamed and embarrassed because I knew it was wrong.

After I got out, I knew the next step was to get my life, especially my weight under control. It was a battle I had been fighting for far too long and the one thing I wished for my entire life. Here I was at 43 years old and still fighting a battle that began when I was just a child. With a change in my mindset and finding the strength inside of myself, which by the way I had never believed was there, I fought that battle and I won the war.

Now, over 10 years later, I’ve had so many opportunities to help others fight their own battles. Whether you want/need to lose 10 pounds or 100 pounds, you know all too well how difficult it is to lose and if you’re anything like you, you know how VERY easy it is to put that weight back on. So why not make a battle plan together, with me, to take that weight off and keep it off, so that you never have to fight this battle again?

I won’t promise you that it will be easy, it does take hard work, diligence, focus, and a change in your mindset. All change starts in our own head, in our thoughts, in the way that we not only think, but talk to ourselves as well. Be kind to yourself, stop beating yourself up. Life is not perfect, you are not perfect, I am not perfect, but you are enough. You are you and that’s all you have to be. I will promise that once you get there, all of that hard work will be worth it!

So who are you? Do you know? Who do you want to be? What do you see yourself doing in a few years? How does that look to you, what does life look like, what does your health look like?

What does healthy mean to you?

I became a Certified Life Coach, because I know that there are so many people who are struggling like I once did. I am you. I have walked in the same path and I finally, after 43 years, figured out the way through that maze and have come out on the other side. Happier, healthier and better than even I imagined! And you can too!! This much I know, without a doubt, that you can too!

Let me help you fight whatever battle it is that you are in. Weight loss, food addiction, stuck in that same black tunnel. I’ve been there. If nothing else, let’s chat and talk about where you are now and where you want to be. Because I believe so much in what I do, I’ll gift you a 45 minute consultation. I’m not trying to sell you any magic pill, potion, super-duper diet supplement or anything like that, because the truth is that there is no magic pill and there is no cookie-cutter diet that works for everyone. Change doesn’t start in a box or a bottle, it starts in you.

I’m here for you, to be the person that you need to help guide you on your own path to success. I don’t want you to be a statistic, and I know that you don’t want that either. You want a solution and that’s what I want to help you figure out. What works for YOU.

Reach out to me today and let’s get started! 406-27-COACH You can be anywhere, we can Skype, Facetime, talk, email…where there’s a will, there is a way. If you’re local to Southeast Florida then that’s GREAT. But if you are not, that doesn’t mean we can’t work together. We CAN do what we set our minds to do! And yes, that means SUCCESS and living life to the FULLEST!

I can’t wait to talk to you! 406-27-COACH

~Robbyn Ackner