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What is FEAR? False Evidence Appearing Real

Fear is just an acronym, it’s something that we build up in our head, when we are trying to change something in our lives and the fear, or as I like to say, the voice in our head which are telling us that we can’t do it, ARE LYING!

Embrace Change! Yes, I know change can be scary, but isn’t staying stuck where you are, where you don’t want to be, even worse? What if you never change? Then you life will remain the same. So, now, that’s OK, if you like where you life is now, but if you don’t then do something about it! Change it!! I acknowledge that it’s not so easy as waking up one morning and saying “today I am going to change my life”. Change takes diligence, it takes focus, determination, a different mindset and yes, change might be hard, I’ll never promise that it’s easy to02-12-15 embrace change change. What I will promise you, is that once you do make the changes in your life, to lead you on to the path of happiness, health, wellness or whatever it is that you are desiring to change, that hard work…oh yeah, it will all be worth it!! Embrace Change – Don’t Fear It!

I know that fear which holds us back, I’ve lived it. I’ve fought it and I’ve beat it. Fear is a tough opponent. that’s for damn sure. Fear knows that it can control you, it can make you paralyze you, that’s because fear doesn’t like change. But you are not fear, are you? Fear is just an emotion, and one that is of no use to us, if we want to change our lives.

Yes, there are things that we should really be fearful of and moments when fear serves us, because it keeps us “on guard” in situations where we have to watch our back, or watch the backs of others. Fear can keep you aware of your surroundings, to keep you safe. But that is a different type of fear. The fear I am talking about today is the one that keeps you stuck. Do you like being stuck, or would you rather move forward in your life, and build the life that you want?

I think that you’d rather build the life that you want. It’s not going to magically happen, you have to make it happen.So how are you going to do that? Alone? What’s your plan?

As someone who specializes in Personal Development, it’s my passion to help you move past the fear that is holding you back. To move past the fear that is keeping you stuck in place, feeling frustrated and at times, yes…even worthless and convincing you that you can’t change, so why bother? But you can, I know you can, because I know your struggles. I fought those battles in my head for many, many years and it was when I stepped out of the fear and stopped listening to the voices telling me that I was worthless, that change finally came. Once I changed my thought process, everything fell into place, it was a miracle to me and something that I never thought would happen.

So, if you are ready to embrace change, to stop being afraid of it, to move forward and take your life in the direction that you want, reach out to me and let’s make a plan together. I know there are plenty of Life Coaches out there for you to choose from, but why not choose one who has experienced what you’re dealing with. One who has overcome the challenges which you face now and has successfully changed and continues to evolve, in a forward direction? There are so many of you, who have had experiences in your life, that I know very well and I know how it makes you feel and holds you back. I am here for you, to help you move forward and create the life you want.

Are you ready? Reach out to me. Click on the little envelope to send me an email or just go ahead and call me at 406-27-COACH.

I can’t wait to get started, I’m excited for you!!