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I know about weight gain all too well.  In fact, I am an authority, an expert on gaining weight, losing weight, gaining it back and the dreaded yo-yo diet that so many people fall into. Yes, I am an expert at weight loss.  In 2004 I began what turned out to be my final battle with my weight and this time I won.  I am here to help you win your war on weight. Let’s get started now!

Do you realize that Halloween is less than 6 weeks away?

10 until Thanksgiving

15 weeks until Christmas

and 16 weeks until New years Eve?

Are you asking yourself “Where did the hell did the year go?!?!?!”

I bet it just feels like last week when you made your New Year Resolution to eat healthier and become more fit, doesn’t it?

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With the holidays, comes holiday weight gain for many people.  So that you are not making the same New Year Resolution as you say good-bye to 2014 and ring in 2015, why not get a handle on your life now.

Whether you need to lose 50-100 pounds or 10-15 pounds. My FREE Holiday Survival Guide can help you get through the next few months with the common “Holiday Creep”.  You know the Holiday Creep don’t you? Where you go to a party and have a little food and drink and somehow gain 2 pounds, then there’s another party, and another and without even realizing it, between the time Labor Day is over and New Years day arrives, you’ve GAINED 15 pounds or so.

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