Is it worth it? Many people who know me will hear me ask that question if I am about to eat something that is out of the norm for me and that I know will throw my body out of whack for a few days. This question will usually be associated with either a martini or something to do with chocolate. But seriously, it’s not a question I ask lightly. IS IT WORTH IT? Does it taste soooooo good that I am willing to eat or drink those extra calories and when I get on the scale the next day, I will curse at the number that shows up? Sometimes the answer is yes and sometimes it is no.

If I’ve had an especially heavy week of meetings and eating lunches and dinners out, then I definitely hold back on extra calories. While I love eating out, I also love controlling what is put in my food and how it is made. There are always ways to find healthy options on any menu and almost every restaurant will be willing to make your veggies without butter, to grill or steam your chicken or fish without butter…ALWAYS REMEMBER TO REQUEST “Without butter!” Even the most unhealthy of restaurants will make your meal as you request, although they might look at you funny when you ask. I recently had that happen, I was traveling and in an area that I was not familiar with and had a dinner meeting. The chosen restaurant was not my normal desired restaurant, but I was able to have them grill my chicken breast with no butter and was able to have 2 servings of broccoli and carrots, instead of fried chicken and mashed potatoes or rice or macaroni and cheese. Yes, the server looked at me like I was crazy, but she doesn’t know where I’ve come from in my journey and my feelings on what I put in my body. I got an even crazier look when she said she’d be right back with our water and their famous hushpuppies and I asked her not to bring them to the table. My dining partner was a little disappointed, but trust me, he did not need to eat these either! And yes, I have amazing willpower, but I didn’t really care to have them sitting in front of me and their sweet smell hanging out at the table with us. He knows my journey, in fact, I met this friend when I was close to my all time heaviest, so he reluctantly agreed, no hush puppies.

When you’re out at those restaurant too, if bread is a trigger for you, just ask them to not bring it to the table. Trust me, they will be happy to oblige. When you’re looking at a menu, look past all of those delicious descriptions of the meals and look at the main ingredients…see what you can take out and still enjoy your meal. There are very, very few restaurants (I’m not talking fast food joints), that you will be able to find something it eat. Look beyond the fluff…they pay people to make those menu items sounds irresistible!!

So, before you put that bite of lobster cheesy macaroni and cheese in your mouth, or that bite of decadent pecan pie for dessert…ask yourself if it is worth it? What do you want more, the food or a healthy body? What is more important to you? If the answer is the food, then don’t make your self miserable over it and go ahead and have a bite…can you have just one bite, just a taste?

Let me leave you with this thought today. The first taste is of course the best one, right? Once that chocolate cake, or whatever it is, that you’ve just decided is worth the calories, savor it, REALLY taste it, don’t just shove it in and swallow. Enjoy that first bite and then walk away. Because, I promise you that the 2nd bite isn’t going to taste any better than that first one. And, my friends, if you end up sitting there and finding yourself saying “I can’t believe I ate the whole thing” you’re going to regret it and that love/hate relationship with food will ensue.

Some day soon, I’ll have to tell you why dish soap can be your best friend. Right Jeanne?

My love to you all!!

~Robbyn Ackner