Last week I spoke at a weight loss clinic and my topic was on excuses. We have a way a find reasons to not do something today and to put it off to tomorrow, or next week, next month, or simply “soon.”

But, seriously what are our excuses. For the point of my topic, is was weight loss and here are some excuses that I listed off the top of my head. As you can see some of these excuses are happy times and some not so happy, but in the end, all they really are…are excuses.

So I ask you today, to stop making excuses and instead of wishing that you could achieve success that you start making the small steps necessary to get where you want to be. I’m not going to tell you that it will be easy, and you might have set-backs, but if you keep moving forward, then I promise you, that you will succeed. You only fail if you quit…don’t be a quitter!!

I’m bored
I’m tired
I’m busy
I’m stressed out
I’m anxious
I’m sad
I hate my job
I hate my life
My boyfriend/girlfriend broke up with me
I’m falling out of love
My thyroid is broken
My medication makes me hungry
I’m not THAT overweight
I have ADD, ADHD
My blood sugar is low
I don’t have time to cook
I can’t afford to shop at Whole Foods
I’m fighting with my boyfriend
I’m fighting with my Mom
I’m fighting the urge to punch everyone in the face

I’m happy
I’m celebrating
Food is delicious!
I fell in love
I bought a house
I’m selling a house
It’s Summertime!
It’s my birthday
It’s your birthday
It’s Donna’s Birthday!
Someone in the office bought donuts

I only start diets on Monday and today is Tuesday.