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You must believe that you can do something, because if you are constantly telling yourself “I can’t” then surely, you won’t. You would be amazed to know just how much the thoughts that we have in our head, the things that we tell ourselves, have so much influence on the actual outcome. Let me clue you in on a secret that I found in my journey for a healthy mind and healthy body: The negative voices in your head are LYING to you!! Push those negative thoughts away and replace them with positive thoughts. Stop saying “I can’t” and start saying “I can”. Then01-08-14 believe yoda put a positive spin on whatever it is that you are trying to do and figure out a way to get it done.


Positive thoughts = Positive action. It’s true, I never thought it was, but once I began to practice it and be conscious and aware of EVERY thought in my head, I found it to be more true than I ever imagine.  Once I began to push out those negative thoughts and replace them with positive, my life changed, almost instantly.


There’s one other thing that is necessary for success and that is to rid yourself of not only the negative thoughts, but the negative people as well. This might be a little harder to do, because I know, if you are like me, you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings. However, if there are people in your life who are always bringing you down, or trying to manipulate you, or to even sabotage you, then perhaps it’s time to but ties. If they want to go out, be busy “Oh, I’ve already got something on that day.” And, end it there…no further explanation necessary. Don’t try to go into details or continue to explain why you can’t, just keep it short and end it. What are you doing next Thursday? “Let me check my calendar and I’ll get back to you.” Quick, simple answer.


When I left New Jersey in 2004, I not only left the abusive relationship I was in, but I also left behind people who I had thought were friends, but they really were not and all they did was bring more negativity to my life.  These were “friends” who would get mad if I went out with another mutual friend and not them. These were friends who I found out would go out of their way to drive past my house to see if my car was in the driveway! Crazy, right?  I le01-08-14 sweep away negativityft them behind, along with my ex and never looked back. I call it “cleaning the house of your life.”


In order to succeed, you’ve got to believe that you can. Clean away those old thoughts telling you that you can’t. Clean out the negativity in your life, both thoughts and people. Be aware of every action that you make and be present in every thought. Once you become aware, yes, you will get rid of the “I can’t” and you will believe that you CAN!


Now, I didn’t come up with this thought process all on my own. I did a lot of self discovery, had the thoughts of a therapist I had worked with back in 1997/1998 and kept her words in my heart and in my mind. I really analyzed what I had been doing all my life and why I was continually failing at taking care of myself. I was really good at taking care of everyone else, just like you are. I was really good at my job, really good in my volunteer efforts, a really good friend who never said no, even if it was an inconvenience to me. But taking care of me…nope, I wasn’t really good at that. I always thought it was being selfish if I did and that’s an internal battle that I know a lot of people face.


You must take care of yourself and make yourself a priority. If you don’t then who will? Why is it selfish to take care of your needs? Guess what, it’s not, in fact it’s the healthiest thing that you can do. So maybe you need a little help with changing your thought process and finding the answers to questions that you’re not even sure how to ask.  As someone who has been in your shoes and knows the challenges we all face in life and what it takes to get past those blockades and more forward towards your dreams, I might be able to help.  It doesn’t do any harm to try, does it?  You can email me today by click on the contact button, or clicking on the little envelope that you see. You can even call my coach line at 406-27-COACH.  I’m available by phone, in person, Skype, Facetime, email….where there is a will, there’s a way for us to connect and work together.  You first consultation is free!


I believed that I could and after 43 years of living in a world of negativity and depression, I changed the way that I thought and everything changed for me. I believe that you can to! Let’s work on it together and let’s make 2014 the year of YOU!