Happy New Year!!!

Here we are, it’s 2015 and your life is calling!!2015 sparkler signatureDo you remember the resolultion that you made for 2014? It was going to be the year that you really made the resolution from 2013 come to fruition and 2013 was the year where you really meant it this time, to make the 2012 resolution happen. And so on. How long have you made that same resolution each year?

Whether it’s a New Year’s Eve resolution, or one that you make at any other time in your life, where to claim that you are going to make change…this time, things will be different.

So…what has it been that’s prevented you from succeeding? Did you know that at least 50% of the population make a New Year Resolution and within 6 weeks, at least 50% of those who did have fallen off the path and by the time 12 weeks have passed another 25% have either given up, or they’ve put themselves at the bottom of the list. Only a small percentage of people actually keep, achieve and maintain their resolution, whatever they may be.

So what is 2015 going to be for you? Is it going to be the year of success? Or is it going to once again be the year that you give it a shot and within those 6 weeks, you forget about what it is you wanted for your life. Or are you going to be that other 25% where life happens, things happen, something gets in your way and your wants, your wishes, your desires end up at the bottom of the pile?

So, let’s turn that around…will you give it a shot with me? My official title is “Life coach” but I truly am so much more than that. I call myself more of a “Brain RE-Trainer”. I help you to re-train your brain and see what is possible. To see what you can do when you just look at things in a different way, with a different mindset. OMG! Life is INCREDIBLE when you change the way that you think!!

So let me give you a glimpse of who I am. I am the fat girl who grew up as a child being made fun of, teased and bullied throughout school. I’m the girl who was abused by her step-father, who tried to molest her and when she didn’t allow him, he proceed to abuse her emotionally, mentally and verbally. I’m the girl who was abandoned by her parents…when they divorced, her father disappeared and her mother chose her step-father over her and gave custody up to the state, where she went to go live in a group home. I’m the girl who tried to commit suicide, thinking it was the only way to end the emotional turmoil she’d lived in all her life. I’m the girl who aged out of foster care and who was smart enough to achieve a high enough grade on the State GED course that she received an opportunity to attend a University in Ohio. Not having any other place to go after having to leave the group home, other than homeless, I took that opportunity and found myself the only white girl in America’s oldest African American University. Another set of challenges faced me, where men from around the world attended, many who found women who were morbidly obese to be attractive, others who found an easy target. The women on the other hand were resentful and found me to be someone who was taking what they perceived as their men. I am the girl who was raped in college and campus security, one of the officers who I was having a sexual relationship with, refused to file a report, stating that it would simply be “my word against his”. I am the girl who decided to have the baby and give it up for adoption to a loving family. I am the the girl who returned home, back to the abusive step-father and emotionally unavailable mother, until I married a man, who was equally emotionally unavailable. I am the woman who married someone I didn’t love, because I didn’t think anyone else would ever, EVER want me. After all…all of my life, no one else ever did, right? I am the married woman who grew up a little, got a little self confidence and while still dealing with insecurities and lack of self-esteem, got enough courage up to leave the marriage of 12 years and decided I wanted more out of life. Unfortunately, I went from the emotionally empty marriage and a couple of years later found myself in another abusive relationship. I am the woman who got sucked in by the guy who seemed really nice and seemed to just be having a lot of bad luck in his life, but it turned out he was a sociopath who turned everything around that he had done, in order to make himself the victim and never take responsibility for his own behavior. I am the domestic violence victim who on her birthday in 2004, after being locked in a room with this man for over 8 straight hours, being abused, physically, emotionally, verbally and mentally realized that if I didn’t leave he was going to kill me. I am the survivor, who left him, moved 1200 miles away to Florida, to reclaim my life. I am the woman who in January of 2005, started a weight loss journey, started a journey to build the life that I had always wished for, always dreamed about, yet always thought it was out of reach for me. I am the woman who was wrong…all those wishes and reams were there, waiting for me and all this time, it was me who had been in my own way. Or rather, it was the voices in my head, the ones from childhood and my teens and even my younger adult, telling me that I wasn’t worthy, I wasn’t good enough, I wasn’t deserving of anything more. I am the woman who learned to ignore those voices and to focus on what once seemed impossible, yet was suddenly becoming possible.

Today, I am the woman who is far from that all time high of close to 400lbs and today I am healthy, fit, married to the most incredible man, who loves me for who I am. I am a record setting power lifter, I am a mentor, an accountability partner, a wellness and nutrition consultant. I am the person who has walked in the same shoes that so many others are walking in now. Who see the task of changing their life to be so overwhelming that they don’t even try. Or, who have given up trying, because they have failed so many times before. I know that feeling. I’ve lost weight and regained it more times that I can count. I know the shame and embarrassment that happens when people look at you and you can see the judgement in their stares. I know the hurt, the pain, and even the desperation. I know you.

I firmly believe, with all of my heart and soul, that I went through all of those experiences, so that I could know the pain others feel and so that I can help them, help you, change your life and to create the life that you want. Not the life that someone else tells you that you should have, because you don’t deserve or are not worthy of any more, but what YOU WANT!! I know that it is possible!!

I also know that it is not easy to do on your own. It took me 43 years to figure out what I needed to do to change my life. But I am here for you now, right here, right this moment, to help you change your life.

What do you want? What’s your desire for your life? How are we going to make that happen for you? I’m ready, I’m here, I’m waiting for you. Go ahead and click the “contact” button on the left of your screen, or call me, right now 406-27-COACH. I’m waiting for you. Let’s get 2015 off to a new start for you, a new beginning, a new life. The one you’ve dreamed about, the one you want.

406-27-COACH It doesn’t matter where you live. Modern technology has given us the ability for me to work with you wherever you are, through Skype, Facetime, email and the phone. If you’ve got the will, we can figure out the way!