We are a month into the New year…how are you? Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? Are you sticking to it? I read something that said 65% on people make a New Years Resolution, yet in the end, after all is said and done, only 8% of those people actually succeed in their goal of keeping their New years Resolutions. Of the top 10 New Years Resolutions, Fitness, Quitting Smoking, losing weight and enjoying life more are right up there. Others might include quitting drinking, spend more time with friends and family, getting organized or just enjoying life.

Of all those people who make resolutions, how many do you think actually succeed?

People often set unrealistic goals…so, why not set a goal that you can reach. Instead of an overall goal of saying “I’m going to lose all this weight!” How about you say “I’m going to lose $50 lbs in the next year. Think about it…that is 1 lb a week…it is VERY do-able. Remember however, the less weight that you have to lose, the harder it is to lose it. When I was almost 400 lbs, it used to drive me crazy when I would hear a woman say “I feel so fat, I need to lose 10 lbs.” I would think to myself “10 lbs? What the hell are you talking about, I need to lose over 200 lbs and you’re worried about 10 lbs?” However, I now know differently and here I am finding myself wanting to lose the last 10 lbs. And, it is so VERY hard to do. So why is it difficult? Well, I have a lot more muscle than I had before, and very little fat, so yes, it is harder to lose.

When you are setting your weight loss goal, take into account how much you have to lose. Do you have 10 lbs, 20, 50 or 100 or more? The more you have to lose, the easier it’s going to be to lose it. Yes, I realize that it sounds like any oxymoron, but it is true.

Here we are, 30 days into the New Year. Did you make a resolution? If you did, how’s that going for you? How are you coming with your New Year’s Resolution?

Losing weight and getting fit are not all about diet and exercise. It’s about a change in your mindset as well. Have you changed the way you think? If you don’t change the way you think about food, diet and your body, then it’s likely you won’t succeed in changing your life or rather, your body.

How do you change the way that you think? Well, to start, you can change your focus. Focus on what you want instead of what you don’t have. Focus on the positive in your life, rather than the negative things that might be going on around you. Change in focus is VERY important. When you change your focus, I promise you that you will indeed, change your life.

Another thing in changing the way that you think is awareness. When you are aware of the negative thoughts that are slipping into your mind, you can acknowledge them, say to yourself, “OK, that’s there and it’s a negative thought.” Then immediately find a positive thought to counteract it. It’s not always easy to find a positive thought, especially if you are just beginning, but once you start and once you make it a regular habit, ir become much easier.

So….back to my question, we’re 30 days in to the New Year…how’s that working for you? Did you make a New Year’s Resolution? If you made one, are to keeping to it? If you are, or are not keeping to it, what’s going on? Do tell! Email me at info@robbynackner.com

I can’t wait to hear from you!