I was recently honored to have Undercurrents Magazine feature me in their Winter 2012 Edition. You may download the article by clicking on the cover shown below.

Writer, Emily Sawyer spent a lovely evening with me and we talked about everything from my life to her days in school. It was a wonderful evening and I really enjoyed getting to know her.    

I hope that you enjoy this article and find some inspiration in it for yourself too.

If nothing else, my hope is that others can take my experiences and see that they too can find their inner strength to achieve the life of their dreams.

Feel free to reach out and contact me at theoffice@robbynaclner.com if you’d like to talk about my helping you along your journey or if you have a group or organization that you are looking for a speaker. I became a Certified Coach so that I might help others face the challenges in their lives that I one had and can help them achieve the success of overcoming those challenges.

A special thank you to Emily Sawyer for writing such a wonderful piece about me!

If you’d like to read the entire magazine, you may do so by clicking HERE