I’m recovering from an injured calf muscle. My Neuromuscular Therapist says that I have such a large amount of muscle mass in my legs that I don’t even have to do leg workouts. Now, she’s not saying I shouldn’t work my legs, but I definitely don’t need to build any more muscle in them. I recently read an article at Kobe Bryant who is recovering from a sprained ankle and will more than likely be out for the rest of his season. prevent achilles and calf injury 460I went through most of December with this constant pain in my calf and I just attributed it to working out, but never thought it would continue on. I sought therapy for it in early January with no relief and my therapist and I (mostly her) finally came to the conclusion that I needed to give my body a break! My muscles needed time to heal. This was really hard for me to do. To go from weekly Bootcamp sessions, where I feel incredible when I’m done and getting to the regular gym three times a week to nothing was soooooo hard!

But, it worked and here I am, now working myself back up slowly. My calf is better and as long as I take it slow and easy I should be OK. I’m up to 2 days a week at the gym and last week I did a mini bootcamp. This coming week I’m going to add my 3rd day to the gym and next weekend I am going all out and heading back to bootcamp.

Amazingly, my weight has maintained, but I’ve also been very careful about eating because I am terrified, even though I’m going on 5 years of maintaining, that I will somehow magically gain all the weight back overnight. I know this is an unrealistic fear and it’s in my head…but it’s still there.

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