This is how I’m feeling today! Had a night out with my honey on Friday, sushi…didn’t eat a lot, didn’t drink much. Spent a lot of time talking with the woman sitting next to me. Went out with friends Saturday night, got there a little early, had a couple of cocktails before they all arrived, a light dinner of black grouper, veggies, glass of red wine…a couple of bites of chocolate cake, but again didn’t stuff myself.

However when we arrived home, I felt so awful and my belly was so bloated that it hurt and was gurgling. 2:15am, I’m still not asleep, my stomach feels sick, I can almost feel grease sitting in it as if I had eaten a greasy burger or something, which I could understand if that’s what I had for dinner, but it wasn’t!! I get up, take a couple of charcoal pills, a Pepcid and to help me sleep, I take half a Xanax…finally drifted off sometime after 3:15am.

Wake up this morning and somehow since Friday morning, I GAINED 3.2 lbs! Really???? OK, so I know it’s likely water and the alcohol…of course I’ll drink a lot of water today to flush my system, but still 3/2 lbs? It takes 3500 calories to gain 1 pound…there is no way I ate 3500 calories since Friday morning to gain 1 pound, let along 3.2. This is why it can be so frustrating…logically, I know that this is impossible, I know I didn’t do that much damage to my diet but mentally and emotionally it takes a toll on you.

Healthy eating and fitness isn’t all about physical activity, there’s a lot of mental effort that goes into it as well. Because things like this happen, you work out all week, you watch what you eat and you enjoy a small splurge and it set’s you back. It’s a mind game and there’s time’s when you feel like throwing your hands up in the air and just say screw it all. But…you can’t. You’ve got to keep moving forward, keep on your path and it will pay off. Even I have moments where I just say “what the F?” But tomorrow, I’ll look forward to HIIT with Nikki and drink lots and lots of water to get rid of the 3.2 lbs that the scale claims I gained and maybe a little bit more. Another 1/2 a lb would be a good goal for me this week. It would make me quite happy.

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